Earthwize Recycling Advantages

Advantages For Our Customers

Convenience - Your full deposit refund right where you originally paid it.

No Worries - Our centers are safe, clean and always a friendly experience.

It's What You Deserve - With EarthWize you get a quiet, friendly retail environment just like your grocery store, not a noisy processing plant where cans and bottles are crushed and compacted and customer service takes a back seat.

We've Got the Answers - Our friendly, professional staff is always on hand for immediate answers to all recycling questions or concerns, making the recycling experience uncomplicated for you.

Good People Make All the Difference - We always employ strict employee screening and training methods, so there's no compromising the quality of service.

Who's Doing the Recycling Here? - You're never stuck recycling what a machine refuses. We take 100% of your CRV containers.

No Cash? Seriously, It's a Good Thing - Our 'No Cash' center means a safer recycling experience for you.

Not Again! - 'Out of Order' machines frustrating you? Never at EarthWize! We've traded unreliable machines, that just don't work, for living, breathing, professional and friendly, real live people, so you will never be frustrated again